We Passed the USA Shark Fin Ban!

Shark Newsletter December 27, 2022

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2022 may go down as the year humans made a serious turnaround for hundreds of species of sharks and rays facing imminent extinction.

For a decade in the making, two major pieces of US federal legislation that will protect millions of sharks from the shark fin trade or death as bycatch finally passed and signed into law by President Biden. We helped pass international shark fin trade protection under CITES Appendix II at CoP19 in Panama.

These listings encompassing 3 entire families of sharks and rays will protect over 90 species of sharks and rays from the global fin trade. Also, gear elimination through two Pacific policies will protect blue sharks and oceanic whitetip sharks from death as bycatch.

Two state bills, one in Hawaii and one in California, will increase shark survival by banning or regulating recreational catch of sharks.
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Legislation Supported and Passed in 2022
* California White Shark Attraction Ban
* Hawaii/ NOAA Wire Leader Ban US Central Pacific Tuna Fisheries
* Western and Central Pacific Wire Leaders and Shark Lines Ban 
* CITES Appendix II Listings for over 90 species of  sharks and rays in global trade
* USA Shark Fin Sales Elimination ActBycatch Reduction and Driftnet Elimination Act
DavidMcGuire, center rear, and San Francisco Youth Volunteers
This has been a truly momentous year!
Thanks to the passion and energy of hundreds of volunteers and supporters like you, we have achieved so much with such a modest budget. 
A review of policy victories and what is ahead can be seen on our year-end meeting recorded on YouTube, and in our annual report.
Year Review and Annual Report
Shark Stewards Volunteers of the Year, Southern California Chair Maria Korcmaros (with Director David McGuire at Ocean Awareness Day in Dana Point left) and youth science education leader Katya Koriabine (at Sharktoberfest right).
This year we recognize our Southern California chair and shark survivor Maria Korcmaros for her tireless efforts leading beach cleanups, youth events and our annual Run for Sharks and Ocean Health Fair. The Youth Award goes to Katya Koriabine for developing science education activities How Sharks Float, How Sharks Feed, and for hosting the activities at science fairs, aquariums and museums, including our annual Sharktoberfest.

These two activists are shining examples of the passion and energy that keeps Shark Stewards leading ocean and shark protection!

We want to thank these shark stars, and all our volunteers, board members, and supporters, for helping us continue to save sharks and their habitat. 

Let’s keep the momentum going to save shark species from extinction and protect ocean health in 2023!
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