Kids for Sharks- Guest Blog

Today I’m going to be talking about saving sharks. I like what Shark Stewards is doing to save sharks so this is why I am also here to talk about how we should save sharks from humans. Humans kill sharks for shark fin stew, for shark oil, and lastly they make medicine out of shark oil but, it’s not scientifically proven that it helps people that are ill in the hospital.

Another thing people don’t realise is that people kill sharks for their oil. Many people don’t know people use shark oils to make their boats waterproof? They also kill sharks for makeup and use the meat for catfood. Why would you want to put a shark on your face to make you pretty? In my opinion, we should save sharks because they are getting killed for shark steak when we have lots and lots of food already- but poachers still kill sharks for fin stew. We should save sharks because poachers kill them for their fins and for their oil.

Finally we should save sharks because their numbers are going down due to pollution.  Another thing is we need to save sharks because there’s lots of trash in the ocean where the sharks are at and we just sit there and let it happen. We need to start picking up trash in the ocean no matter what. These sharks are supposed to live a long life but they can’t because we are too lazy to go and save our animals. Because if one animal dies then the animal that eats that animal runs out of food which makes that animal die we need to start saving our earth.

Some sharks can live up to 100 years but they can’t because humans keep on killing them. Did you know people would kill the sharks, take off their fins and hang them on a rope. Sharks are killed with a big net when they try to catch salmon and other fish they catch sharks and leave them there on the boat then they die. Thanks for your time again.

I really like what you guys do and I wish to work with you guys someday even though I’m only in fifth grade.

Ramiero W.