Kids Start a Shark and Oceans Club

Ocean Conservation Club- Fin Facts and Tools

Below are facts and elements of a shark outreach program used by high school ocean conservation clubs.


  • A recent study estimates that 100 million sharks are being killed for their fins to supply the shark fin trade.
  • In 2012 1,162 tons of shark fins were imported to Hong Kong.
  • Over 25% of Sharks, Skates and Rays are endangered.
  • Driven largely by the demand for shark fin, many large shark populations have been reduced by 90 %.

Shark Watch

A citizen science program that engages youth and the public to learn and provide shark data to our database. If you are already using iNaturalist here is the sharkwatch link. Or, sign up and use your phone to collect data on local sharks.

Field Trips

Visit Chinatown and document shark fin soup on menus, or in shops for sale and report them here. Take photos and get an address.

Help save Hammerheads!  Check the area around Pacific and Stockton but also the Upper Sunset on Clement Street.  REPORT HERE.


There are many ways you can help save sharks. Support the Mt Tam Ocean Conservation Club and help us raise money for a boat trip to the Farallon Islands, taking oceanographic measurements, collecting data and observing marine wildlife from seabirds to whales to sharks!  Please DONATE to the Conservation Club Farallones Trip.

Shark Steward Memberships will spread the word and continue support for the shark FIN Free movement.

Examples of fundraising activities include:

  • Host a shark party – Gather your friends and neighbors together to educate them about shark finning while providing some food bites. You can even make it a potluck! Screen the movie Sharks: Stewards of the Reef (This link provides a preview of the movie. To receive the full movie please contact David McGuire at Share the opportunity to make your state FIN free by signing petitions, becoming a Shark Steward, or donating to the cause.
  • Host an athletic event (ie. “Run for the Sharks”) or sponsor a shark athlete for an athletic event.
  • Provide a silent auction item at an event which allows people to donate to Shark Stewards.
  • Solicit individual support, or ask your employer to start an employee matching program at your place of employment.
  • Table at community events
  • Hold a play or music performance
  • Sponsor a swimmer and add their support

Supporting Sharks through tax deductible donation will allow us to support the international cause and continue fighting for sharks. A portion of proceeds will go to materials  to support the chapter movements.