Global Conservation Coalition Invites Sponsors to Join Our Big Blue Expedition to Help Save Endangered Blue Whales, Wildlife, and Habitat in the Coral Triangle


‘Swim With Us’ and Support: Presented by MWExperiences, Our Big Blue Expedition Embarks With a Special New Year’s Eve Fundraising Party in Los Angeles

Our Big Blue Expedition is a new global awareness campaign formed by conservation coalition Shark Stewards, Stop Fish Bombing, APEX Environmental, and leading underwater media company Scubazoo –
– Expedition offers sponsors and their guests the opportunity to get up-close and personal to the incredible blue whale and participate in research and tagging activities in the Coral Triangle countries of Malaysia and Timor-Leste, in Southeast Asia –
– Each expedition on board a luxury charter yacht will be filmed and documented to showcase the blue whale and other endangered marine species for the world to see and discover –
Our Big Blue New Year’s Eve launch and fundraising party to feature several silent auction items, including original paintings and a special opportunity to join the expedition as a guest of the coalition –


  Our Big Blue
Scubazoo filming the blue whale in Timor-Leste.

Los Angeles, CA (December 8, 2017) – Imagine swimming with the largest animal that has ever lived, the blue whale. Only a handful of humans have done it – it’s the most difficult of all ocean’s dwellers to get close to – and for those fortunate few, no words can describe the truly majestic experience. International marketing agency MWExperiences announced today it has partnered with conservation coalition Shark StewardsStop Fish BombingAPEX Environmental, and leading underwater media company Scubazoo on Our Big Blue Expedition, a research and documentary expedition in support of threatened coral reef habitat in the Coral Triangle countries of Malaysia and Timor-Leste. The team is now inviting sponsors and their guests a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to get up-close and personal to the great blue whale, as well as many other whale and dolphin species, and participate in research activities – all while on board a luxury charter yacht, and under the complete guidance of world-renowned scientists. The first expedition is planned to embark in February 2018.

“Our goal is to help save endangered marine species like the blue whale by creating a unique experience to help drive awareness and inspire all global citizens to share their voice and take action,” said Marisa Wong, Founder/Managing Director, MWExperiences. “Working alongside some of the world’s most renowned experts in their field, Shark Stewards, Stop Fish Bombing, APEX Environmental, and Scubazoo, our team is in place to provide sponsors the opportunity to ‘swim with us’ and participate in an experience of a lifetime – while helping preserve wildlife and ecosystems, and creating a unified global movement.”

Guests participating in Our Big Blue Expedition will follow blue whales during their migration on board a luxury charter yacht, and explore the Coral Triangle’s marine ecosystem – announced by US’s Conservation International as the most diverse on the planet. With the supervision and guidance from some of the most renowned scientists in their field, safety equipment, drones, RVs, mini-subs, and scientific equipment will be provided to enhance the experience. Guests will also be able to tag the blue whales to help secure their long-term protection and to understand their migration throughout the region and globally.

To officially kick-off Our Big Blue Expedition, the team is hosting a special New Year’s Eve launch and fundraising party at the Lincoln Speakeasy in Los Angeles, California. Partygoers will be transported back in time to the prohibition days inside a hidden venue, complete with specialty cocktails, plenty of music and dancing, party favors, special performances, and silent auctions all night long. Among the many great items up for grabs include original paintings and a special opportunity to join the expedition as a guest of the coalition.

About the Coral Triangle:

The Coral Triangle compromises the highest coral diversity in the world. 76% of the world’s coral species live in this region. California-based Shark Stewards announced recently it had joined the international initiative. David McGuire, Director of Shark Stewards, said:

“This is one of the most diverse and fragile of all ocean ecosystems with charismatic species from blue whales to hammered sharks. Over 350 million people living in this region rely on fish and the health of these diverse ecosystems, yet this fragile biodiversity is at risk.”

Fish bombing (aka blast fishing) reef damage, overfishing, oil exploration, and shark finning threaten the economic balance in the Coral Triangle. Our Big Blue Expedition will apply technology towards enforcement of fisheries violations and tracking endangered species, and applying new technology to protect them.

The coalition is seeking corporate sponsorship and donations to help finance the expedition and research. Proceeds will cover travel and accommodation for guests, help fund state-of-the-art scientific equipment, as well as filming and production costs, so that the world can see and discover more about conservation of the biodiversity in the region.

Shark Stewards at SpeakeasyTo learn more about the coalition, visit:

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