Recreational Fishermen Catch Protected Sharks

On January 18, a young angler in Florida received the surprise of his life by catching a protected white shark and widespread news coverage benefits fishermen targeting protected sharks that take advantage of loopholes. Shark Stewards urges the Florida Fish and Willdife Conservation Commission to close loopholes allowing commercial charters to benefit by targeting protected sharks for sport and impact endangered and threatened sharks.

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Congress Passes Shark Fin Sales Ban, Forwards to President Biden

To help save sharks from extinction, the United States just moved one step closer to protecting them from the global shark fin trade.  

On Thursday, the Senate approved language making the possession, sale and trade of shark fins illegal, with a few exceptions, and ban the trade of shark fins. The provision, HR 2811, which the House inserted into the National Defense Authorization Act and passed last week will go to President Biden for his signature.

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House Votes to Pass Shark Fin Trade Ban

A bill to end the USA shark fin trade reintroduced by Representatives Sablan and McCaul passed through the Congress with a strong bipartisan majority Thursday.

House lawmakers passed the measure that would ban buying and selling shark fins in the United States and help the country fight illegal fishing and overfishing sharks. As part of the huge National Defense Authorization Act HR 776, the “END Wildlife Trafficking Act” includes the shark fin sale provision.

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Ban Wire Leaders to Save Endangered Pacific Sharks

The 16th meeting of the WCPFC is taking place on 5-11 December in Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea, and we are urging member states in attendance to fight for sharks and rays that are harvested in the Pacific.

Banning wire leaders and shark lines would reduce fishing mortality of oceanic whitetips by 40.5%, and that of silky sharks (Carcharhinus falciformis), another threatened species, by 30.8%, according to research cited in the WCPFC proposal.

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