Wake For Whales Event: World Oceans Day

For this year’s Oceans Day, we're holding “A Wake for the Whales.” We'll honor these majestic animals, hear from experts about what our elected officials can do to help them, and take action. 

Art for Sharks: Wildlife Art by Tom Ciccone

Join us for Shark Stewards end of year Art for Sharks event with wildlife artist Tom Ciccone live with board member Pamela Comstock and director David McGuire.

End of Year Shark Party with Shark Stewards

Join the Shark Stewards board and team presenting our work in 2021 and work ahead.

Shark updates, trivia, strategy and fun.

Learn more about endangered sharks and rays through a conversation on art and science, and saying goodbye to 2021!

Live: Marine Megafauna Ai and Expedition Zoom and Facebook Live

Virtual Facebook

Join us with Blue Endeavors on a shark and ray adventure live Thursday March 24 at 6PM on Facebook Shark Stewards and learn how you can join us protecting sharks and marine habitat.
Live zoom and Facebook live 6PM PDT March 24.
We will be teaching youth photography, biology and data collection techniques including pattern ID of Mantas, whale sharks, tiger sharks and hammerhead sharks. Space is limited but there is room for divers interested in participating and learning actively or at their leisure.

Shark Watch Data Dive and Exploration

Join our Shark Watch project team diving and collecting observation on San Diego sharks, and entering them into our Shark Watch CA Sevengill shark project.