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Shark Stewards– Newsletter June 2022

Celebrate the Ocean With Sharks! Join us celebrating sharks and the oceans on World Oceans Day, and help work together to protect biodiversity. 

This year Shark Stewards is working in person and online with hundreds of volunteers cleaning beaches and underwater habitat, while educating the world about the need to restore and protect the oceans we love, and rely upon. In anticipation of Capitol Hill Ocean Week in Washington DC, we are helping motivate Congress to support two congressional bills to protect sharks, and two proposed National Marine Sanctuaries by connecting to our online comments and petitions.
Join in with your support wherever you live, and share your love of sharks and all ocean life.

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New Study: White Sharks Competitors, Not Children of Megalodon 

A new study published in the journal Nature Communications suggests great white sharks coexisted and even competed with the giant megalodon, and may even have contributed to the extinction of the largest shark known to exist. 
Over one third of shark species are threatened with extinction largely due to overfishing. If we do not act now, many modern-day sharks will follow the megalodon, and in a far shorter time span.

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Shark Watch CA, Sevengill Data Dive!
Our first 2022 community science dive in the La Jolla Cove State Marine Reserve documenting sevengill sharks was a success! In murky conditions, science team member Sage Wolfe photographed a six foot male. This project, started by Ocean Sanctuaries and Shark Stewards board member Michael Bear in 2010, has identified over 30 individuals in San Diego.

We are asking divers to submit their images to be run through the algorithm for easier identification, and to participate in the Sevengill Shark Socio-economic Survey. 
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Download a free science sheet, and if you see a shark, contribute to the SHARK WATCH database.
Watch for our next group adventure with Waterhorse Charters and join us October 15 at the Ocean Awareness day with the Walter Munk Foundation.

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Adopt a Shark for Dads and Grads

EVENTSJune 3, 4, Blue Water Film Festival, San Diego
June 4, World Oceans Day expo, Underwater and Beach Cleanup, with Keep Puako Beautiful. Kawaiihae, HI
June 8, World Oceans Day, Online Celebration
June 9-11, Capitol Hill Ocean Week, Washington DC
July 14, International Shark Day, Hawaii
September 4th-and weekends through November, Farallon Sanctuary Wildlife Expeditions
September 22, Sharktoberfest at the Sanctuary
October 15, Ocean Awareness Fair, Kellog Park, San Diego Shark Data Div
eOctober 22, Run 4 Sharks, Fun Run and Ocean Health Fair, Newport Dunes, Newport Beach

With your support, we keep sharks swimming and the ocean healthy.
Shark Stewards is a 4 star Charity Navigator, Platinum Ranked Guidestar ranked charity as a proud project of the Earth Island Institute.Donate