Final Public Comment Ends to Support the Papahānaumokuākea National Marine Sanctuary

One third of all sharks including the Oceanic Whitetip and Scalloped Hammerhead are imminently threatened with extinction. Join us at a film screening, volunteer, and help us save sharks from overfishing, and protect their habitat. 
Learn more, and sign our petition to the Inter-American Tropical Tuna Commission to reduce shark bycatch below.

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Sharks and Oceans Academy: Reaching Youth

Our Science and Education programs have reached over 100,000 youth in California, Hawai’i and in other states, cities and countries in SE Asia where we campaign to regulate the shark fin trade and to protect habitat through community based conservation areas protecting ocean habitat (MPAs).

The Sharks and Oceans Academy is a prototype program to reach urban and underserved youth about the ocean and to bring them into nature, and become part of the solution restoring ocean health.

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