Saving Endangered Sharks Through Art, and Community Action

November News Ecotourism in La Paz, and at nearby Cabo Pulmo are examples of how dive-ecotourism can support conservation and marine protection. Our goal is to extend this up into the Gulf, connecting protected places with a no fishing migratory pathway. Follow us on this exciting partnership and endeavor to save endangered sharks at of the world’s great shark Hope Spots! 

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International Whale Shark Day-respecting the ocean’s largest living fish.

According to the IUCN, the Indo-Pacific population of the whale shark is thought to have reduced 63 percent over the past 75 years. These magnificent sharks are now endangered globally. Join us for a live webinar tonight and learn how to observe, document and save sharks.

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The Year of the Shark: December News

With your help, Shark Stewards has catalyzed considerable conservation success for sharks in the Congress with the US Shark Fin Sales Elimination Act, regulating gear in Pacific fisheries, and passing global trade restrictions this year!

This month, the Congress made the penultimate step towards saving overfished shark populations and endangered sharks from extinction, by passing a bill that will ban the USA’s involvement in the global shark fin trade. 

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