End of Year Shark Party with Shark Stewards

Join the Shark Stewards board and team presenting our work in 2021 and work ahead.

Shark updates, trivia, strategy and fun.

Learn more about endangered sharks and rays through a conversation on art and science, and saying goodbye to 2021!

MLK Day Beach Cleanup, Aquatic Park

Aquatic Park National Historic Area 755 Beach Street, San Francisco, CA

Honor MLK and help keep the San Francisco Bay clean and have fun with Shark Stewards at Aquatic Park Beach and help make our National Park Plastic Free.

Beach Cleanup Long Beach

Cherry Beach, Long Beach California

Help Shark Stewards keep the ocean clean, and have fun at our Beach Cleanup- So Cal Chapter at Cherry Beach in Long Beach CA, 0830 January 22

Shark Action Event Live

Virtual Facebook

Join Shark Stewards on our first team meeting planning for 2022. Learn how you can help us save sharks in 2022, with a special presentation, shark trivia and fun.

Aquatic Park San Francisco


Live: Marine Megafauna Ai and Expedition Zoom and Facebook Live

Virtual Facebook

Join us with Blue Endeavors on a shark and ray adventure live Thursday March 24 at 6PM on Facebook Shark Stewards and learn how you can join us protecting sharks and marine habitat.
Live zoom and Facebook live 6PM PDT March 24.
We will be teaching youth photography, biology and data collection techniques including pattern ID of Mantas, whale sharks, tiger sharks and hammerhead sharks. Space is limited but there is room for divers interested in participating and learning actively or at their leisure.

SCUBA Show with Sharks

Scuba Show is back! After an extended COVID safety stop, Shark Stewards returns in-person to the Long Beach Convention Center this May at booth 625.

Save Hawai’i Fish and Sharks: Endangered Species Day Live

Join cultural advocates, conservationists and the filmmakers of The Dark Hobby in a discussion on Hawai'i reef fish, sharks, cultural connection and actions to protect them. With "snorkel Bob" Wintner, Producer Director of The Dark Hobby, Paula Fouce, Kaimi Kaupiko, Teacher and Cultural Leader Miloli'i Village, Deron Verbeck, Photographer/Freediver I am Aquatic and David McGuire, Director Shark Stewards and Earth Island Institute.

Sevengill Shark Science

Join Shark Stewards on our SharkWatch community science and education program live on Zoom.

Learn about the mysterious sevengill sharks, their biology, natural history and the sharkwatch program.