Shark Watch Data Dive and Exploration

Join our Shark Watch project team diving and collecting observation on San Diego sharks, and entering them into our Shark Watch CA Sevengill shark project.

World Oceans Day, Blue Film Festival

Media Arts Center Media Arts Center 1100 Market Street 3rd Floor,, San Diego, CA 92101, CA

Join Sharks at the Blue Film Festival, Celebrating World Oceans Day, San Diego

 Capitol Hill Ocean Week 

 Capitol Hill Ocean Week  Join us online or through your signatures to lobby for two US congressional bills to protect US sharks.

Socorro Giant Manta Expedition

Socorro Island Baja California

 Members and students will be developing and collecting data via underbelly photographs and measurements for a new cutting edge cloud based database of giant mantas that we are developing using facial recognition software to allow researchers to learn more about these unknown pelagic animals. Blue Endeavors members may participate in this project or simply enjoy seeing the results in the evenings.

Sharks at Jacks

Join Shark Stewards Kona dive partner celebrate their 41st anniversary with great dive sales, mermaids, kid education and more. Talk on sharks with Shark Research Institute, Deron Verbeck I am Aquatic and David McGuire of Shark Stewards showing images and discussing sharks, and a book signing of Sharks for Kids.

Shark and Mermaids Plastic Free Waterfront

Aquatic Park National Historic Area 755 Beach Street, San Francisco, CA

Join the crew of sharks, mermaids, pirates and Alcatraz escapees in the second annual Shark and Mermaids Parade.

Dance, sing, clean the beach and have fun celebrating sharks at Aquatic Park National Maritime Heritage Area to Fisherman's Wharf, San Francisco.

Sharktoberfest 2022

San Francisco Bay Area

Join Shark Stewards and the Greater Farallones National Marine Sanctuary celebrating sharks and all marine life in our National Marine Sanctuary. Now in our 12th year, we will be hosting shark education and activities and shark film night with the International Ocean FilmFestival.