Support AB 48 to Ban the Butt in California

February 2nd, 2016|

Filters, commonly known as cigarette butts, do not protect smokers from cancer, emphysema, or other diseases associated with smoking. However, discarded filters create a costly and prevalent source of litter in California and place children and wildlife at risk. To reduce this toxic health risk and needless expenditure,  Assembly Bill 48 (Stone, D- Monterey Bay) has been proposed to [...]

Blood Shrimp- Tell Red Lobster No to Endless Shrimp

December 20th, 2015|

At 4.1 pounds per capita, shrimp is the most common seafood product consumed by Americans.  Large quantities of cheap peeled shrimp are crossing our plates, but with huge hidden environmental, health and human costs. Once primarily supplied by domestic fisheries, shrimp is primarily imported from countries like India, Indonesia and Vietnam.  Thailand and China are not far behind catching and culturing [...]