‘Walking shark’ Protected in Indonesia

The study, titled “Walking, Swimming, or Hitching a Ride”, was published in the journal Marine and Freshwater Research examined nine known species of walking sharks and make interesting hypothesis about their evolution. The sharks evolved the ability to walk and survive in low oxygen environments because it helped them forage for food in environments where other sharks couldn’t survive. 

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New Guide to Species Proposals at CITES

This year delegates and scientists will convene to consider increasing international trade protection for hundreds of species of plants and animals under CITES, a multilateral treaty to protect endangered plants and animals from the threats of international trade. The Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES) entered into force in 1975, and became the only treaty to ensure that international trade in plants and animals does not threaten their survival in the wild. A State or country that has agreed to implement the Convention is called a Party to CITES. Currently there are 184 Parties, including 183 member countries and the European Union.

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Save Hawai’i Fish and Sharks: Endangered Species Day Live

Join cultural advocates, conservationists and the filmmakers of The Dark Hobby in a discussion on Hawai’i reef fish, sharks, cultural connection and actions to protect them. With “snorkel Bob” Wintner, Producer Director of The Dark Hobby, Paula Fouce, Kaimi Kaupiko, Teacher and Cultural Leader Miloli’i Village, Deron Verbeck, Photographer/Freediver I am Aquatic and David McGuire, Director Shark Stewards and Earth Island Institute.

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VICTORY! NOAA Bans Deadly Wire Leaders in Hawaiian Fishery

I am in strong support of the new rules prohibiting the use of wire leader within 1 meter of any hook deployed in Hawaiian deep set longline fishery.

Threatened Oceanic whitetip sharks ( Carcharhinus longimanus) and Silky Sharks (Carcharhinus falciformus) are especially impacted by this gear. Under the Endangered species Act, National Marine Fisheries has already committed to zero retention of oceanic whitetip sharks, and tis rule will help achieve that in US waters.

Eliminating this gear will protect sharks, increase safety for fishermen and limit harmful trailing line and ensure a hight survival rate of these threatened sharks.

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“Recovering key species for ecosystem restoration” announced as theme of World Wildlife Day 2022

According to figures by the International Union for Conservation of Nature’s Red List of Threatened Species, over 8,400 species of wild fauna and flora are critically endangered, while close to 30,000 more are understood to be endangered or vulnerable. Based on these estimates, it is suggested that over a million species are threatened with extinction.

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eBay Trades in Endangered Shark and Ray Body Parts

Currently eBay allows for vendors to claim or require buyers have CITES permitting without verification, thereby condoning traffic of body parts of protected wildlife. We call on eBay to strengthen and enforce its wildlife policy to block all sales of endangered and protected species including jaws, rostra and shark fin products.

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