Why I Dive With Sharks

Shark diving can help to save sharks in a number of ways. One way is by raising awareness about the importance of shark conservation. When people have the opportunity to see sharks up close and learn more about their behavior and biology, they may become more invested in protecting these animals. This can lead to increased support for conservation efforts and policies aimed at protecting shark populations.

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Seeing Sharks, Saving Sharks-CANCELED

Join us for a night of film and conversation on international shark protection with David McGuire, Founder and Executive Director of Shark Stewards and Ana Blanco, Executive Director of the International Ocean Film Festival.

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Diving With Sharks to Save Them

Join Shark Stewards Director David McGuire and Southern California Chair Maria Korcmaros for a conversation on shark attacks, diving with sharks and saving them.

Images and short film from recent work with Tiger sharks in Hawaii, and international shark conservation work with shark stewards.

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The Islands of the Dead: Exploring the Farallon Islands

Located close to San Francisco, one of the world’s most recognizable metropolises, there is a series of desolate, fog shrouded, wind and wave-sculpted islands. Known as the “Islands of the Dead” by the Native Miwok, and the “Devil’s Teeth” by Spanish mariners, these islands have a fascinating history of human exploitation, killing and loss.

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Sevengill Shark Science

Join Shark Stewards on our SharkWatch community science and education program live on Zoom.

Learn about the mysterious sevengill sharks, their biology, natural history and the sharkwatch program.

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