Shark Attack in Hawaii- What is the Risk?

On December 4, 2021 a man was bit by a shark while surfing at the popular break Banyans in Kailua- Kona between the hours of 5:55 and 6 PM during a period of light rain. Jahred Willieford was waiting for a wave with a nearby
surfer when the shark grasped his arm, pulling him off the board and submerging him before releasing. He reported the shark bit him then spun and hit him in the face with its tail but was able to swim to the adjacent surfer. Aided by his fellow surfer, Mr. Willieford was able to come ashore and was treated by emergency responders
for severe lacerations to his arm, a broken nose and missing teeth.

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End of Year Shark Party with Shark Stewards

Join the Shark Stewards board and team presenting our work in 2021 and work ahead.

Shark updates, trivia, strategy and fun.

Learn more about endangered sharks and rays through a conversation on art and science, and saying goodbye to 2021!

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Ola Kanaloa! (Life to Kanaloa!)

Join us on December 15th for a live virtual roundtable focusing on Kanaloanuiākea, the great expanse of Kanaloa. Native Hawaiian members of the Hawaiian Islands Humpback Whale National Marine Sanctuary Advisory Council discuss the cultural and ecological significance of Kanaloanuiākea, and the need for greater understanding and genuine application of cultural knowledge and values in advocacy, protection, and conservation efforts from mauka to makai – in the uplands and throughout the sea.

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Ocean Plastic Fact- What is the Problem?

Today, the world’s oceans are facing unprecedented danger due to various issues, including overfishing, pollution, oil spills, and more. Climate change is also affecting ocean animals and the cleanliness of the sea. Whether you want to save the whales or just do your part to keep the oceans cleaner, there are several things we can all do at home to promote a cleaner, safer oceanic environment. Read on to discover ways to help protect the ocean and save marine life, all from your own home.

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