Pacific Tuna Fisheries Managers to Consider Bycatch Reduction for Oceanic Sharks

At the IATTC Shark Stewards Director David McGuire addressed the forum on the plight of oceanic whitetip sharks and posed the solution offered by the Hawai’i Longline Association and Western and Central Pacific Fishing Commission’s move to swap out wire leaders for monofilament so that captured sharks can bite free, while the target species of swordfish and tuna are still retained. 

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New Study Attempts to Reveal Deep Secrets of the Sleeper Shark

Little is known about this slow moving, smiley-faced cold water shark. Most observations have come from specimens as unwanted bycatch on commercial fishing vessels. New genetic evidence suggests that the Pacific sleeper shark is one single, largely distributed stock in the whole Pacific Ocean. Previously. it was believed to consist of a complex of several species.

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Set gillnets are the primary threat to juvenile great white sharks in their nursery grounds off California. White sharks play an important ecosystem role, and their population is still at low numbers and in recovery.

We can stop the needless slaughter of sharks, dolphins, sea turtles, and other marine wildlife by these nets off the coast of California. Urge the California Fish and Game Commission to declare the bycatch in the California Set Gillnet Fishery unacceptable.

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Ban Wire Leaders to Save Endangered Pacific Sharks

The 16th meeting of the WCPFC is taking place on 5-11 December in Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea, and we are urging member states in attendance to fight for sharks and rays that are harvested in the Pacific.

Banning wire leaders and shark lines would reduce fishing mortality of oceanic whitetips by 40.5%, and that of silky sharks (Carcharhinus falciformis), another threatened species, by 30.8%, according to research cited in the WCPFC proposal.

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Save a Fish for Earth Day

Join Shark Stewards efforts to keep the ocean clean in San Francisco and in Southern California. Community cleanups for earth day everyday. Fun for kids too!

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