Shark Diving Tourism: Good or Bad?

Shark-diving tourism can be a controversial issue. Images of svelte, swimming females fending off assertive tiger sharks, armored divers hand -feeding bull sharks for tourists, and shots of white sharks slamming into cages: these scenes are not aways favorable for the average diver, or even the sharks.

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A Swimmer’s Nightmare: the Cookiecutter Shark 

Some sharks, like a weird species of dogfish, the cookiecutter shark, (Isistius brasiliensis) are invisible to daytime surface dwellers, but leaves a tell-tale signature bite mark.

First discovered between 1817-1820 by French naturalists Jean René Constant Quoy and Joseph Paul Giamard during an exploratory voyage, the Cookiecutter shark is one of the most bizarre species of shark to rise from the depths.

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