Provoked Vs Unprovoked- White Shark Kills Sydney Swimmer

Scientists have hypothesized that sharks can mistake swimmers in wetsuits for seals, their common prey, and an attack is a case of mistaken identity. Swimmers and surfers can reduce their risk of a shark interaction by avoiding areas where shark prey such as seals frequent, signs of wildife feeding, or spots where attacks have been documented.

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A Swimmer’s Nightmare: the Cookiecutter Shark 

Some sharks, like a weird species of dogfish, the cookiecutter shark, (Isistius brasiliensis) are invisible to daytime surface dwellers, but leaves a tell-tale signature bite mark.

First discovered between 1817-1820 by French naturalists Jean René Constant Quoy and Joseph Paul Giamard during an exploratory voyage, the Cookiecutter shark is one of the most bizarre species of shark to rise from the depths.

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Risk of Shark Attack at Pacifica

Sightings of Great White Sharks occur more often than many locals may expect. Great Whites (Carcharodon carcharias) are responsible for at least 180 out of the 203 shark attacks recorded in California since 1950, and thanks to popular media, most humans have a huge fear of these cold-blooded predators- and rightfully so! There have been a large handful of Great White Shark sightings in California in recent years.

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Shark Bites San Diego Swimmer, 8th in California in 2022

On November 4 at around 10 Am, an ocean swimmer was bitten in the thigh by what is believed to be a juvenile white shark (aka great white sharks Carcharodon carcharias) off the coast of Del Mar in San Diego County.
This is the 8th confirmed incident in California in 2022 between San Diego and Humboldt Counties

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Diving With Sharks to Save Them

Join Shark Stewards Director David McGuire and Southern California Chair Maria Korcmaros for a conversation on shark attacks, diving with sharks and saving them.

Images and short film from recent work with Tiger sharks in Hawaii, and international shark conservation work with shark stewards.

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