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Shark Diving Tourism: Good or Bad?

Shark-diving tourism can be a controversial issue. Images of svelte, swimming females fending off assertive tiger sharks, armored divers hand -feeding bull sharks for tourists, and shots of white sharks slamming into cages: these scenes are not aways favorable for the average diver, or even the sharks.

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Sharktober Farallon Sanctuary Tours

Join Shark Conservationist and Naturalist David McGuire and other wildlife specialists celebrating sharks and all ocean life on a life-changing expedition into the Gulf of the Farallones for whales, wildlife and our finny friends.

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Sharktoberfest at the Sanctuary

Join Shark Stewards with the Greater Farallones National Marine Sanctuary, The Greater Farallones Sanctuary Association and other partners celebrating the return of white sharks to our Sanctuary.

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