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Save Endangered Sawfish and Sharks from Trade on eBay – Sharktober News

Celebrate Sawfish on International Sawfish Day during Sharktober!. These sharks are critically endangered- but eBay allows the sale of rostra (the saw) on their site without CITES permits. Check out our petition and end the trade of endangered wildlife parts like jaws and saws from protected species.

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Shark Bites San Diego Swimmer, 8th in California in 2022

On November 4 at around 10 Am, an ocean swimmer was bitten in the thigh by what is believed to be a juvenile white shark (aka great white sharks Carcharodon carcharias) off the coast of Del Mar in San Diego County.
This is the 8th confirmed incident in California in 2022 between San Diego and Humboldt Counties

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700 Sharks and Shark Watch CA with Patagonia

Join Shark Stewards and the International Ocean Film Festival for a sharktober film and discussion on film, sharks and adventure.
Featuring the films 700 sharks  (700 requins dans la nuit)by National Geographic director Luc Marescot.
Patagonia, North Point location San Francisco

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