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San Francisco Shark Fin Trader Busted and Fined for Illegal Shark Fins

June 8th, 2015|

First Major Enforcement of California Shark Fin Ban, Over two tons confiscated from San Francisco Vendor and Major Opponent of State Law 6/8/15 California Department of Fish and Wildlife remove containers of shark fins from Kwong Yip Inc during raid, Source: NBCBayArea News Michael Kwong testifying with former Senator Leleand Yee. Photo NBC BayAreaNews [...]

Pacific Shark Alliances Urges No Shark Finning in NZ During America’s Cup

July 1st, 2014|

UPDATE  October 2014, The New Zealand Government announced they will close the loopholes and stop landings of all sharks with fins detached, saving thousand sof Blue sharks! July 1, 2014 Shark Stewards has been working in San Francisco with New Zealand sailors and Air Emirates during the America's Cup  to support a no shark finning policy [...]