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Sharks: King of the Sea

“Shark!” The scream goes throughout a beachfront scene as movie goers watch the carnage of a vicious attack unfold before them. Jaws was the first of many movies to show these sensationalized stereotypes for rks, now there are several hundred “rogue shark” films in today’s industry. This needs to change amongst the entertainment industry as the media’

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Shark Water Extinction at UCLA

Join shark Stewards Director David McGuire, So California Chair Maria Korcemaros for an inspirational talk and screenings of Rob Stewart’s final film Shark Stewards Extinction. Discussion and screening. with conversation afterwards with filmmaker Brock Cahill.

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Sharktober Events Schedule

Why Sharktober? First initiated to promote the successful California Shark Fin Trade Bill in 2009, Shark Stewards created these events to celebrate sharks in San Francisco and educate our community […]

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